Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Creative Ways to Celebrate the Day of Love

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | January 28, 2020

True or false: You can spend the best Valentine’s Day together without overspending on the traditional Valentine’s Day dates. We’d have to say this one is… TRUE! Skip the overdone dinner and a movie and plan a thoughtful and creative date that your special someone is sure to love. Here are 10 creative date ideas to help you think outside of the box this Valentine’s Day!

Date #1: A Scavenger Hunt

Get out of the house by creating a custom scavenger hunt that is personalized to your relationship. Visit the place you shared your first date, their favorite spot in town, the best view of the city, and other places they’re sure to love. A gift this thoughtful will without a doubt beat a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day!

Date #2: A Nearby Road Trip

Stop by Market Street to grab the necessities, pack a lunch, and head off on a road trip to the next town over. What better way to feel like you’re getting away without the cost and time that comes with most vacations? Do some research to see what entertainment is available and make the most of your day-cation!

Date #3: Dinner For Two from Market Street

Plan a romantic dinner for two by placing your order with Market Street Concierge between January 30th and February 11th. For just $39.99 we will prepare a beautiful prime rib dinner for two or an exquisite salmon dinner for two. While you’re there, pick up their favorite flowers and a bottle of wine to create a 5-star restaurant experience straight from your home.

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Date #4: At-Home Wine Tasting

Set up your very own wine tasting event from your kitchen! Pick up 3-5 bottles of wine that are new to you, some cheese and cracker pairings, and create a vineyard-inspired tasting. Next, you will describe the wines to each other (the best you can!) and rank them from your favorites to least favorites.

Date #5: Sporting Events

Lovey, dovey dates not your thing? Get tickets to cheer on your favorite team together at a sporting event instead! Throw on your matching jerseys and do your best to make it on the jumbo screen for the Kiss-Cam!

Date #6: Dinner and a Movie

You may think this is the same overdone date idea we previously mentioned, but no – not quite! For this date, you will bring the dinner and movie to the comfort of your own home.

Date #7: A Live Concert or Performance

Few gifts are more thoughtful than taking your loved one to see a performer they love. Whether the concert or performance is local, or you managed to get tickets while their favorite singer is in town on tour, they will appreciate the effort you put into making this night special.

Date #8: Dessert Making

Is there anything sweeter than Valentine’s Day desserts? Find a couple must-try recipes and pick up all of your ingredients from your local Market Street or order online. The next step is pretty simple: just turn your kitchen into a world-class chocolatier!

Date #9: A Day at the Spa

Has work taken a toll on you or your significant other’s restfulness lately? A day at the spa is relaxation at its finest. Many spas will be sharing promotional packages and specials to couples around Valentine’s Day, which makes it a great time to plan a couple’s massage or other treatment. Enjoy a state of peace together as you become revitalized and recharged.

Date #10: Camp Out in the Backyard

Set up a fire and tent and turn your backyard into an outdoor campsite out in the wilderness. Pick up a bag of marshmallows, box of graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate for endless s’mores under the stars. This date night is perfect for those adventure-lovers who haven’t been able to visit their favorite camping site lately.

Hopefully these date ideas have sparked an idea that you’re now eager to try this Valentine’s Day. Tag us in your date night pictures and let us know how your date went. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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