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Different Types of Pumpkins

Pumpkin Season is here, and we have all of your favorite varieties! We’re sharing some fun facts about some of our favorite types of pumpkins! 

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Fun Facts About Pumpkins

Fall is in the air and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re welcoming back all of the delicious pumpkin products and other fall flavors. Here are some fun facts about everyone’s favorite fall food:

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Different Varieties of Apples

Fresh fall apples are in-stores now! We’re looking forward to enjoying all of the amazing fresh apples for snacking, cooking, and baking. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite varieties. 

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Spicy Vanilla Milkshake

Sugar, spice and more flavor than you can fit in a straw. What's not to love? Hatch Chile season just got even better with the delicious and unexpected flavors in this Spicy Vanilla Milkshake.

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Spice Up Your Summer Barbecue

Summer is in full swing which means it's time to bring out the grill and tried and true barbecue classics.  Not sure what to cook up? Spice up your summer barbecue with Hatch Chiles! Incorporating thi...

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Keep The Heat All Year Long

Hatch Chile Season is coming to an end but your supply of Hatch Chiles doesn't have to stop! Keep the heat all year long with our tips and step-by-step instructions on preserving these zesty green chi...

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Our Hottest Hatch Chile Finds

We've got your Hatch obsession covered with the hottest Hatch Chile products you just can't miss. What's your favorite Hatch Chile product?

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Hacking Hatch Chile Season

Hooked on Hatch Chiles but not sure where to begin? Don't worry! We've got everything you need to know about picking, roasting and prepping your Hatch Chile peppers.

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Hatch Chile Margarita

This easy (and spicy) margarita recipe is sure to become a summer staple for all of you adults out there. Perfect for entertaining and days poolside, this Hatch Chile Margarita adds a zesty twist to a...

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Spicy Hatch Tropical Fruit Salsa

Combine the ultimate sweet and spicy flavors in this unique salsa recipe for another perfect way to incorporate Hatch Chiles into your summer meal plan. This sweet and spicy recipe makes 5 to 6 cups a...

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