Yellowbird Foods

Author Market Street | July 13, 2020

Yellowbird makes delicious all-natural spicy condiments, and they make them right here in Texas. They are based in San Marcos, and got started in 2013 when their co-founders, George and Erin,  wanted a thick hot sauce that didn't conflict with their low sugar diet. They came up with recipes that had half the sugar, a third of the sugar, and none of the artificial preservatives found in traditional Sriracha style sauces. They began selling at farmers markets in Austin, and have grown to be a loved brand all over the Lonestar State.

They love being based in Texas because “there's an adventurous spirit in Texas, and folks always seem excited to try new things and build new things. The amount of support we've gotten from customers, restaurants, and fellow entrepreneurs over the years has been unreal.”

You can use their sauces on tacos, eggs, pizza, in soups - basically with any dish where you want an extra kick! They make everything themselves with produce that they buy directly from farmers, and describe their products as spicy, spunky, fresh, fun, and real. So next time you’re looking to spice up your life, be sure to give Yellowbird a try! 

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