Turkey Sausage Carbonara

Author Market Street | February 1, 2024

It’s a new year and pasta is still one of our favorite foods! Portion size is key to look at here so be sure to enjoy this with a side of veggies and start with a salad. We’ve lightened it up on fat and added in more protein with the turkey sausage. We also added more fiber and a pop of color with the peas. If you’ve never tried carbonara, this is your sign!



3 Turkey Sausage Links

1 Tbsp. Butter

6 oz. High Fiber Pasta

1 c. Frozen Peas

2 Eggs

1 c. Parmesan

½ Tbsp. Pepper

Salt as desired



  1. Heat a large pan over medium-high heat with butter
  2. In a pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil then add in pasta and cook per package instructions
  3. Cut the turkey sausage out of their castings and brown
  4. Add peas to turkey sausage once browned and turn the heat off
  5. Add the pasta once cooked 
  6. Add pepper and cheese and stir to combine
  7. Crack the eggs and stir to combine



Serves 4

Calories 420

Protein 32g

Carbohydrates 35g

Fiber 6g

Sugar 3g

Fat 16g

Cholesterol 158mg

Sodium 726mg

Topics: Happy and Nourished