Travel Tips

Author Market Street | December 13, 2022

Traveling the word is exciting and fun, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know the risks to look out for in various countries and regions. Here are some health and safety tips to help you avoid illness and injury during international travel.

1. Before your trip, visit a travel health specialist to ask about vaccinations needed for your destination.

2. Wear long clothing and use insect repellent to protect yourself from mosquitos, ticks and other disease-bearing insects.

3. In tropic, sub-tropical and desert areas, wear closed shoes and long pants because of venomous snakes, scorpions and spiders.

4. Avoid going barefoot… even on the beach.

5. Drink only bottled or purified water. In most developing countries, tap water should probably not be consumed, even in cities.

6. Avoid ice in drinks unless it has been made from safe water.

7. Consume only well-cooked food that is serviced hot and avoid food that has been left out for several hours.

8. Eating fruits and veggies? Wash it (in safe water), peel it or forget it!

9. Prefill your prescriptions and put them in a travel kit because drugs may differ by names and doses from country to country.

10. Don’t swim in potentially contaminated rivers, lakes or streams; don’t swim if you have open cuts or wounds.

11. Use caution and pay close attention while driving (or walking) on roads.

12. Avoid contact with wild or captive animals as well as domestic animals in areas where rabies is a threat.

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