The Salt Lick

Author Market Street | July 13, 2020

The Salt Lick was originally founded in 1967.  Scott Roberts's parents opened the Salt Lick Bar-B-Que restaurant on the Driftwood Ranch where his father was born and raised. As with most Texas ranch traditions, ranchers were only ever satisfied when a job was done right. They are proud to continue that Texas tradition. 

Today, you can buy their famous BBQ sauces, marinades and seasonings in our stores.  These great products are easy to use because  Scott and his parents did all of the work for you! Use these tried and true recipes and let you inner chef shine. Their family recipes use only the best natural ingredients.

This great Texas brand takes a tremendous amount of pride in creating their products, and it comes across in the great taste. Be sure to try out The Salt Lick BBQ sauces, marinades and seasonings with all of your favorite meals. 

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