Tailgate Like A Pro

Author Market Street | August 5, 2022

With so much to prepare to make tailgating a hit, throwing a tailgating party can seem overwhelming for newcomers. But have no fear! Here are a few of our game day essentials to make even your first tailgating party look like one of the pro's.

Plan Ahead!

Depending on where you live, each stadium has different rules for what is and isn't allowed during tailgating season. Doing a quick search on the home team's website can save a lot of time and hassle. Also, be sure to plan accordingly for the weather. Keeping cool can be difficult when standing near a hot grill, so be sure to bring extra water if the weather decides to bring the heat.

Pro Tip: Arrive early! Many people will be vying for that perfect spot, and you will much rather spend time partying with your friends instead of searching for a parking space. We suggest arriving at least 4 hours early to beat traffic and have plenty of time to set up before the game.

Food Matters!

Many veteran tailgaters will recommend bringing out the portable grill and cooking right there in the parking lot, and we couldn't agree more! Grilling hotdogs, hamburgers, and other meats are a tailgating favorite. However, you can also grill up veggies, such as corn on the cob and jalapeño poppers. If bringing a grill is too much setup for you, don't worry! Finger foods and low maintenance options are also popular to bring.

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Keep Cool!

 Cold drinks are a must at any tailgating party. Be sure to pack your coolers with enough ice to stop warm air from getting to your drinks. Also, be sure to stay hydrated! Whether you are drinking alcoholic beverages or enjoying a soft drink, it's important to have enough water.

Pro Tip: Be sure to bring plenty of drinks so you don't run out before the game begins.

Get Comfy!

Since tailgating last for hours, you'll want to pull up a seat to relax before the big game. We recommend bringing foldable chair since they save on space and aid in portability. You'll also want to bring a foldable table to put your food and drinks on.

Pro Tip: Bring a pop-up canopy to add a little shade to your tailgate. Be sure to buy one in your team colors to show your support!

Have Fun!

Coming early means you'll need entertainment, especially if you brought the kids along. Some popular games to bring to a tailgate include: cornhole, spikeball, ladder toss, and other yard games.