New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Author Market Street | July 9, 2020

New Mexico Pinon Coffee is roasted, flavored, and packaged in the heart of the Southwest: Albuquerque, NM. 

The founder of New Mexico Pinon Coffee, Jim Franco, couldn't find a coffee that he liked to serve in his bookstore. He started roasting coffee using a small 15 lb roaster that he hauled from location to location in the bed of his '52 Chevy pickup. After playing around with a few blends and flavor combinations he had the idea to add roasted piñon nuts to his roasted coffee, and New Mexico Piñon Coffee was born!

They love being a part of the New Mexico community. In their words, “we're a homegrown company, and the support that we have seen as we have grown and expanded has been amazing. We also love giving back to our local community, through helping found the New Mexico Coffee Association, partnering with other local businesses on products and initiatives, and donating our time and money to local organizations in various non-profit sectors in New Mexico.”

They use only high-quality Arabica coffee and all of their offers use 100% natural flavorings. They never use artificial flavorings or ingredients. Be sure to give this great coffee a try however you like to enjoy your coffee! 

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