Luscombe Farm Pepper Jellies

Author Market Street | July 8, 2020

Luscombe Farm has a long history in Anna, Texas. The farm was initially founded in 1913, and for over four generations Luscombe Farm has produced products with outstanding homemade quality. The Pepper Jellies we now carry in our store were once only made for family and friends, but we’re glad that they decided to make it available to the public! 

The recipes have been passed down over four generations and are extremely versatile and most importantly, delicious. You can enjoy their jellies as a sandwich spread, on a hot biscuit, or as a glaze on pork, chicken, beef, or seafood. You can also serve it over cream cheese, brie, or any other of your favorites cheeses. 

They love partnering with us, because “when you think of Market Street you think of high quality and unique products.” And they definitely are a high-quality, unique product that’s worth trying out! Next time you’re in our store, be sure to pick up a Luscombe Farm Jelly and help support a Texas farm! 

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