Author Market Street | July 7, 2020

Kylito's got started in Slaton, TX. Originally, Kyle Lancaster had his own Mexican restaurant where he developed his salsa recipes. He began making his salsa out of his home for friends and family, but when the demand began to outgrow what he could make at home, he partnered with his brother, Kraig Lancaster and sister-in-law, Tracye Fowlkes Lancaster to begin manufacturing his amazing salsa recipes. 

They currently have 8 varieties of salsa, ranging in spice level and flavor. They also have amazing queso. Their motto perfectly describes what to eat Kylito's with -  “¡Coma Kylito’s en todo!” (Eat Kylito’s on everything!)

They say that they have gotten to witness first hand how much United values local products, and that United was instrumental in their initial success. We love getting to work with this amazing local brand, so be sure to try them out next time you’re looking for a delicious salsa or queso.

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