Author Market Street | May 15, 2023

Show of hands, who hasn’t heard their child ask for a snack? Ok great – lets talk about a few of our favs found in packages because we know that fresh/frozen/canned/pouch produce would always make the top of our list anyways:



Seaweed has a fun unique texture some kids have really grabbed on to. The paper-like consistency is fun and the lightly crunchy salty flavor is a vibe. Some omega’s benefits are touted here but most important, is the diversity of cuisine and texture to expand a child’s palate.


Dry Roasted Edamame

Something crunchy and salty! This combo doesn’t go out of style and it also gives us a good portion of plant-based protein sure to fill up your little one to carry them through to the next meal.


Mama Chia Pouches

We feel these get to be in a category all their own because they have chia seeds in their fruit mixture. Chia seeds provide a slew of benefits but we’re mainly looking at it from the angle of omega and fiber. Not only are these great for kids, but adults as well.


Teddy Grahams

With 95mg of sodium and 2g of fiber you are getting a lot of little teddies for this nutrition. This is a wonderful snack in addition to your little dipping it into a nut butter or even a chocolate hummus! We like those because it offers more texture and flavor combos for kids to branch out.



For some of our younger kiddos popcorn can still be tricky so if you are giving this snack, be sure you are able to watch your child. We love buying the individual bags or bagging it up ourselves as a cost-effective method.



Triscuits and Simple Mills are great options to pair with cheese, turkey slices, nut butter or any dips.


Breakfast Cookie Bars

Nature Valley Biscuits or Belvita Biscuits are a wonderful way to have a treat that also includes a little more nutritional bang for your buck with lower sodium, lower carbs, and higher fiber than other treats. 



Shelf stable milks and Honest Kids juice (and their water bottle of course) are two things we always have on hand when are kids are younger and on the move. The milk offers good fats and proteins while not needing refrigeration and the juice’s first ingredient is water with no additional sweeteners.

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