How To Host A Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

Author Market Street | November 4, 2022

Ready to take your Christmas party to the next level with a little seasonal twist? Then the winter wonderland theme is for you! Here's a few tips and tricks to bring the wonder of winter into your holidays without worrying about the cold.


Before you start picking out decorations and planning food and drinks, be sure to decide on your color scheme. We recommend going with a light blue, white and silver color palette. If you're still left craving some traditional Christmas colors, you can use a bright red to bring a pop of color into your winter wonderland.

Whether they are hung at varying heights from the ceiling or delicately placed on the rim of your glass, snowflake decorations are essential to any winter theme. Fake snow packets from craft stores or piles of cotton strewn along the ground also help to bring the outdoors in and let your wintry party come to life.

No Christmas party is complete without a Christmas tree! Use white or flocked trees to bring a modern and chic look to your event. If the classic green Christmas tree is your go-to, try using ornaments that go with your color scheme to keep your party design cohesive.

Vases filled with flocked pinecones and white or light blue ornaments are perfect centerpieces that add a nice festive touch to any winter themed gathering. When choosing decorations, be sure to lean toward anything that gives off an elegant and delicate feeling.


Easy to serve to a large crowd, donuts are the perfect sweet treat for the holiday season. Be sure to cover your donuts in powdered sugar to make them look like they are covered in freshly fallen snow.

Pro Tip: Build a donut tree that will be sure to wow your guests! All you have to do is use some toothpicks to attach your donuts to a styrofoam cone (usually wrapped in foil or plastic wrap) and you will have a donut tree ready to display.

White chocolate covered pretzels or popcorn are great, easy to prepare snack foods that fit perfectly with the winter wonderland theme. You can cover them in blue sprinkles or sugar crystals to give them an extra pop of color or sparkle.


Warm drinks are a great way to spread some holiday cheer, and what's better to serve than hot chocolate? You can hand out steaming mugs to guests or you can put together a hot cocoa station where guests can make their own chocolatey creations. If you want to elevate your hot cocoa experience, try this holiday spirit

Of course, during the excitement of the party, your guests may favor something more hydrating. You can tie handing out water to your guests into your theme by taking off the wrappers of a package of water bottles and putting out a sign that says "Melted Snow."