Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating our team!

Author Market Street | September 14, 2023

From September 15 through October 15, individuals across the United States and Hispanic countries celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s a month for us to recognize, appreciate, and honor the diversity within our teams and communities. 


Here at The United Family, we take this opportunity to highlight some of our exceptional team members who have made significant contributions while proudly serving and representing their Hispanic heritage. 

As a store director at #529 United Supermarkets in Amarillo, Fernando Noriega believes Hispanic heritage is a great opportunity to celebrate the people and the culture. “We have the ability to grow and share our talents in the workforce, academics, health care, and many other areas,” said Fernando. “We are a culture of family and faith, and it's an honor to celebrate that during this period.” 


Aryana Alvarado enjoys celebrating Hispanic Heritage month because she likes to recognize those who helped pave the path for her, and continue to pave the path for future generations. “We continue to embrace our culture and show pride in where we come from,” said Aryana, center store administrator

To #917 Albuquerque Albertsons Market Store Director Steven Luna, Hispanic Heritage Month is a dedicated time of the year where he can take pride in the incredible difficulties and obstacles that his ancestors had to endure to create the path that was laid for him. “A time that my traditions and culture can be on full display to create awareness of the impact Hispanics have made in our country,” said Steven.

“Hispanic Heritage month to me means carrying the strength of my grandparents, parents and ancestors who faced many obstacles with courage and faith so that I could have the opportunity to be where I am now as a Store Director,” said Sara Tarango, #676 United Supermarkets store director in Odessa. Sara takes great pride in embodying her Mexican-American heritage. Her culture instilled the value of family, strong work ethic, and personal responsibility. 

“Hispanic Heritage means knowing the roots of where I come from, and being proud of the culture is in line with another,” said Rafael Estrada, store director for #525 United Supermarkets in Perryton. Acknowledging the struggle that his family endured over the years made him proud of who he is and where he comes from. 


“Hispanic Heritage means knowing and recognizing your family history, and having pride in your culture,” said Arika Baca, #917 Albuquerque Albertsons Market deli manager


To general merchandise administrative assistant Jasmine Rojas, Hispanic Heritage means to celebrate the history of the latino culture. It means to value and respect all the hardships her parents, grandparents, and ancestors faced in order for her to have more opportunities than they were given. “It reminds me of the values that have been instilled in me on the importance of family, good work ethic and responsibility,” said Jasmine. “It reminds me of how our culture can be so diverse yet gather to be all as one. It allows me to take pride in my culture, history and share the great things with others.” 


The United Family is proud to have remarkable team members as a part of our company. We look forward to continuing to celebrate and honor their achievements not only during this month, but all the time. Happy Hispanic Heritage month to ALL - our team members, our leaders, our communities and our loved ones.

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