Freezer Finds for National Frozen Foods Month

Author Market Street | March 1, 2024

Not only is March National Nutrition Month but it is also National Frozen Foods Month! Did you know that the process we have today was conceptualized by Clarence Birdseye in 1924? So in reality, we haven’t been practicing freezing things for very long but we most certainly have come a long way with the fun products that are on the shelf. The freezer section has become a staple for so many families and trendy products. Frozen foods have some awesome nutritional benefits. Here’s a little science: frozen produce is picked at peak perfection and then taken through a process of washing, sorting, cooking, and freezing. Thus, it has similar nutritional content as their fresh counterparts. So let’s talk about a few reasons we love stocking our freezer.


Less Stress

  • The cleaning and chopping are already done for you
  • Quick and low-prep option for side-dishes or add-ins
  • Helps reduce food waste because you take what you need and put it right back

Stamp Your Culinary Passport with frozen foods like

  • Frozen cooked rice, tri-colored peppers, mushrooms, root vegetables, and Asian blend vegetables 
  • Make your favorite meal and store it in your freezer for last minute needs
  • Some of these items may be naturally higher in sodium. Aim for less than 800mg and add more veggies

Nutrition By Addition

  • Frozen produce is a great way to add fiber to your diet to keep you feeling full longer
  • Frozen proteins are just as nutritious
  • Defrost frozen food in your fridge to ensure it is safe to eat

Fast, Fresh, and Always In Season

  • Frozen produce is always “in-season”
  • Produce is picked at peak ripeness, and then processed to lock in their nutritious goodness of the season
  • “Chef” tip: when making dishes with frozen food, thaw it ahead of time

Cost Savings

  • An excellent option for baby-led weaning or made into a homemade baby food puree
  • You are paying for 100% edible food – no stalks, seeds or rinds
  • Frozen foods are consistently priced year-round

Don’t Forget About Your Sweet Tooth

  • Be it plain fruit or their dark chocolate covered alternative, frozen fruit is a staple if you have a sweet tooth
  • Frozen fruit can sometimes be substituted for fresh fruit
  • Use frozen fruit to create fruit smoothies, fruit popsicles, and as a topping

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