CForce Water

Author Market Street | July 7, 2020

CForce Water is not just bottled in Texas, it comes straight from a living, breathing aquifer deep underneath Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch in Texas. It is naturally alkaline water that is bottled at the source using recycled plastic. This may be the oldest local product we offer, as this water is dated back 23,000 years – to the last Ice Age!

After discovering this pristine water, Gena and Chuck Norris decided to form CForce Bottling Company to help support their Texas-based charity KickstartKids, which has graduated over 100,000 kids through the program. The Norrises had the vision of making this incredible water available to all Texans and at an affordable price while keeping their philanthropic goals at forefront.

Unlike other alkaline waters, CForces’ alkalinity is formed naturally, deep underneath the ground. They do not manipulate the water to increase the alkalinity. CForces’ pH level comes in a range of 7.6-8.4 because of it being 100% natural, where the aquifer varies because it is replenishing and self-sustaining.

Next time you’re reaching for a refreshing drink, give CForce Water a try. You may even notice improvements in your mood and health from the natural electrolytes! 

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