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Seafood may not sound appetizing to some but research has shown time and time again that eating it a few times a week has great benefits in an overall balanced diet. “To get the full benefits of eating fish, the AHA recommends eating two 3.5-ounce servings of non-fried fish, or about 3/4 cup of flaked fish, every week. That’s more than Americans typically eat: In 2012, the average seafood intake was 1.3 servings per week – slightly up from 1.1 servings a week in 1999” (American Heart Association). The benefits of eating fish mainly come in the form of bettering your overall heart health by decreasing risk for cardiovascular related incidents, lower bad cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, reduced triglycerides and slowing the growth of fatty deposits on arteries.

The key to getting these results is a consistent habit change. So let’s throw a few suggestions out there about ways to have fish more readily available to incorporate more into the diet:

  1. Buy canned fish to have a shelf stable option to add into dinners for a quick protein boost
  2. Packets of fish are an excellent source of protein and are desk/bag stable for quick snacks
  3. Mix with greek yogurt for a dip for a quick lunch
  4. Utilize the Market Street seafood department’s “steam and season” option if you are still weary on cooking seafood
  5. Eat a variety of different types of seafood to consume their different levels of nutrients


Salmon is not only a great source of omega-3s but also an excellent source of protein. Outside of the omega-3s salmon is an excellent source of vitamin B12, B6, D, selenium, potassium, iodine, choline, and more. There are several different varieties of salmon but most notably know for it’s perfectly pink-ish color. It is one of the more well-known fish within the western diet and has a buttery rich flavor when cooked appropriately. 


Are you in need of some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite seafood recipes to help get you started:


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