Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide for Him

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | May 12, 2020

While new and exciting times are ahead, many graduates will soon face unexpected expenses and life-changes as they transition into the "real world." Remember the feeling you may have had after graduating? It's a mixture of excitement and nervousness of the unknown, and now your loved one is in the same place. 

Whether he'll be starting college in the fall, attending a trade school, joining the service, or heading straight into the workforce, your generosity can have a significant impact. Here are a few of the best graduation gift ideas for him!

A Funny Card 

A personal note in a greeting card can mean so much to someone during this busy time. Congratulate his accomplishment and share a valuable piece of advice or your favorite memory together. Your words will be a comforting sense of encouragement as he begins his future endeavors. 

Gift Cards 

You can't go wrong with a gift card to one of his favorite places! The versatility of gift cards is what makes them so great. You can buy one for something practical or to his favorite retailer or restaurant. For college students, a Visa or Amazon gift card can go towards school supplies and textbooks he'll need during his first semester. 

Snack Pack 

A personalized snack pack is a thoughtful gift that can be customized to fit within your budget. Choose a bag, basket, or container that you can fill with a handful of his favorite snacks, candy, drinks, and more. You can even select a theme or color and fill your snack pack with goodies that fit in this theme. 

Grilling Set 

Looking for a gift for the outdoors-loving boy? A grilling set is a perfect gift for your graduate! Pick up a few good cuts of meat from our meat department, some bbq sauce, and essential tools from our kitchen appliance section. This gift gives him the grilling tools he'll need, plus an excuse to invite some friends over and enjoy a backyard bbq! 

Graduation Cake 

The talented bakers at Market Street are preparing delicious cakes and baked goods to celebrate your graduate! We'll add a personal message and decorate the cake with any color combination to show your school spirit! Stop by our bakery or give us a call to place your custom order. See more about our graduation cakes here

Dorm Room Essentials 

Gifting him with supplies that will help his transition to dorm life will be one of the most useful things he'll receive. Put together a shower caddy full of toiletries, a bag full of late-night study snacks, or a set of little kitchen gadgets that may prove handy. 

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