Thrilling Halloween Treats… They’re to Die For!

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | October 13, 2020

Your friends at Market Street are here to help you make this the sweetest Halloween yet! Check out our THRILLING selection of delicious dessert recipes that are perfect for upcoming parties or a fun night in. From cake pops to pudding cups, we've got it all!

No time for baking? No worries! Our bakery is full of spooky baked goods and sweets. Share these recipes with your friends and family to help them get in the Halloween spirit! 

Cauldron Cake Pops 

These fun Cauldron Cake Pops will be the hit of your Halloween Party.

See full recipe from Pint Sized Baker:

cauldron cake pops

skeleton coffin candy bars

Skeleton Coffin Candy Bars

Your kids will love these delightfully spooky Halloween candy bars. These simple bars have just a few ingredients, but their looks are killer!

See full recipe from The Spruce Eats:

Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

They are a hit with everyone—from the smallest goblin to Dumbledore himself—and will be gobbled up quicker than you can say wingardium leviosa!

See full recipe from The Spruce Eats:

witch finger pretzel rods

spiderweb cake

Spiderweb Cake

Nothing is going to come between us and chocolate cake. Not even spiders! 

See full recipe from Delish:

Ghost Cupcakes 

These sweet treats are deliciously spooky (and easy to make!).

See full recipe from Woman’s Day:

ghost cupcakes

spooky forest pudding cups

Spooky Forest Pudding Cups

Bring these sweet treats to life with chocolate trees and candy pumpkins! These fun, chocolate-filled pudding cups are sure to delight.

See full recipe from Country Living: 

Pumpkin-Spiced Buns with Spiderweb Glaze 

Does this count as having dessert for breakfast? Enjoy these gooey pumpkin-spiced buns with your morning coffee to start your day off right. 

See full recipe from Country Living: