Sheet Pan Hot Dogs

Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | February 5, 2021

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Superbowl Sunday is our national day of food excuses—and I’m okay with that. There’s no better way to celebrate the sport that gives us weekly reasons to grill, drink and chill than to go all out with a smorgasbord of hot dogs and ridiculously fun toppings.

Sheet Pan Hot Dogs is a recipe that is both basic and creative in construction. The simple part of building these hot dogs is as easy as meat and bread. The ingenuity behind it rests with Market Street and their delicious selection of Food to Go.

Pimento Cheese! Baked Beans! Guacamole! Olive Tapenade! All these Market Street creations can become individual toppings for your Superbowl Sunday Sheet Pan Hot Dogs.

A few other reasons to love Sheet Pan Hot Dogs:

Market Street does the hard work for you. While Super Bowl Sunday is about the food that doesn’t mean you have to be in the kitchen all day preparing. Pop over to Market Street’s Food to Go and grab all the goodies to make this Sheet Pan Hot Dog meal come to life.

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Prep work and clean-up is a cinch. The only prep work needed for these hot dogs is brushing melted butter into the hot dog buns—and that is even optional! Be sure to line the sheet pan with foil before toasting the hot dogs, this will save you from a lot of clean-up time.

Leftover toppings can be used as dips. No need to worry about what sides to serve alongside these hotdogs. Grab a bag of tortilla and potato chips and let the extra toppings be the dips.

This meal never gets boring and is perfect not only for Superbowl Sunday but also for the next major sporting event… Opening Day!

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Sheet Pan Hot Dogs

servings vary

Author Note: Cook the hot dogs however you prefer: grilled, boiled, baked or microwaved.

1/4 cup melted unsalted butter

12 to 18 hot dog buns

12 to 18 hot dogs, warmed

Market Street queso, warmed

Market Street baked beans, warmed

Market Street guacamole

Market Street olive tapenade

bacon, cooked and crumbled, for toppings

onion, diced

cilantro, diced

fresh dill, chopped

Heat the oven to 375 degrees.

Place the hot dog buns onto a foil lined baking sheet. Brush the inside of the buns with melted butter. Place into the and toast for 5 to 8 minutes, or until the buns are lightly toasted.

Remove the buns from the oven. Place the warmed hot dogs into the buns. Top with your favorite combinations of toppings. Serve immediately.

Here a few topping combinations to get you started:

queso + bacon + onions + cilantro

olive tapenade + dill

baked beans + onions

guacamole + cilantro + bacon

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