Red White and Blue Popsicles

Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | June 4, 2020

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Summer berries have arrived at Market Street and that is reason to rejoice!

From the vibrant pinkish reds of raspberries to the matte purplish-blue of blueberries, summer berries have a special place in my heart.

Berries are so happy and can be used in a variety of ways. From eating a la carte to topping desserts, a bright burst of berry flavor is one of the joys of summer.

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As a child, I remember another joy of summer—rocket popsicles. The shape seemed a mystery to me; how did it get shaped into a rocket? The three layers of color (even as an adult, I must admit) left me baffled.

There is no better time than the 4th of July to combine these two favorites: “Berry Patriotic” Rocket Popsicles.

I love making these popsicles. Not only because they remind me of my childhood, but also because they embrace the summer season.

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Market Street’s produce department has a beautiful selection of berries—from organic to conventional, they offer exactly what your family needs. One of my favorite times to purchase berries at Market Street is when they offer promotions. “2 for $6” makes my heart very happy!

To create these “berry” patriotic popsicles, all you’ll need is three ingredients: raspberries, blueberries and sugar.

Now, as a seasoned adult, I am no longer baffled by the three layers of color the rocket popsicles display. In order to achieve this look, each layer has to be frozen individually. This, is a pretty simple task, it just requires disciplined attention to time.

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First, the raspberries and a homemade simple syrup are placed in the bottom two-thirds of the popsicle mold. Then, once almost frozen, the popsicle stick is added to the popsicle.

The final stage is adding the third layer to the popsicle: blueberries and simple syrup. It’s that easy!

These popsicles have brought many smiles and cheers from my little ones (and myself, if I’m being honest!). We absolutely adore these popsicles.

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Now, don’t fret if you don’t have rocket shaped popsicle molds, any popsicle mold can be used. Market Street has a variety of molds to choose from—just pop into the shop and find the right shape for your family! Remember, any popsicle shape can be made “berry patriotic.”

Make these “Berry” Patriotic popsicles this week to celebrate the joys of living in a land of freedom and plenty. Happy 4th of July!


“Berry” Patriotic Popsicles

servings vary

chilled simple syrup (see recipe below)



popsicle molds

popsicle sticks

for the simple syrup: Place 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water into a small saucepan. Cook over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Stir occasionally. Place into the fridge and chill.

Fill the bottom of the popsicle molds with raspberries, slightly packing them with the handle of a spoon as you place them into the molds. Fill 1/3 full. Pour the simple syrup over the raspberries until 2/3 of the mold is full. Place in the freezer and let freeze for 1 hour.  

After one hour, place the popsicle sticks into each mold. Place back into the freezer and continue to freeze until solid, another 2-3 hours.           

Once hardened, add the blueberries to the mold, slightly packing as you place the blueberries into the mold. Pour the simple syrup over the blueberries, filling the remaining 1/3 of the popsicle mold. Place back into the fridge and freeze until hardened, about 2-3 hours.

Remove the popsicles from the molds by running cold water over the outside of each mold. Gently remove the popsicle until it is loosened from the mold. Serve immediately.

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