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Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | May 11, 2021

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Sometimes the best-kept secret recipe is the simplest combination. Pizza Sauce embodies this concept.

When making traditional pizza, I ultimately want the toppings to standout, not the sauce. If a sauce is overly flavored or salty it can affect the outcome of the pizza. I find that a 2-ingredient recipe creates the best pizza sauce.

Market Street has the secret ingredients you need to make the easiest pizza sauce ever. It’s likely you’ve walked past these two ingredients a handful of times. And it’s even more likely you HAVE the secret ingredients in your pantry.

Canned crushed tomatoes and kosher salt.

Yes. You heard me correctly: canned tomatoes and salt. It’s easy sauce!

Oh! There’s another amazing point to this recipe, there is no need to cook the sauce or even use a bowl to mix the ingredients. Come pizza night all you need to do is open the can of tomatoes, stir in the sauce and start topping that pizza crust.

Market Street has all the goodies you need to make delicious pizzas. Whether it’s basic cheese or a prosciutto and sun-dried tomato, Market Street has what you need to make pizza night right.

This week, use a homemade dough or a premade crust you picked up at Market Street (I see you Pillsbury dough in the refrigerated section!), and make pizza night easy with 2-Ingredient Pizza Sauce.

2-Ingredient Pizza Sauce

Author note: This will become your go-to pizza sauce. If you have access to the canned tomato brand, Mutti, I highly recommend this product.

1 14-ounce can of crushed tomatoes

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Remove the lid from the can of tomatoes. Stir in the salt and use to top your favorite pizza crust.


Pizza Topping Ideas

Pizza Sauce + Dried Oregano + Red Pepper Flakes + Grated Parmesan + Grated Mozzarella

Pizza Sauce + Grated Parmesan + Cooked Sausage + Caramelized Onions + Grated Mozzarella

Pizza Sauce + Grated Parmesan + Sun Dried Tomatoes + Mozzarella + Prosciutto + Basil

Pizza Sauce + Red Pepper Flakes + Pesto + Pepperoni + Mozzarella

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